It’s been a long time since we posted here! A lot has happened, but our big news item is our third CD, The Equation of Time, which was released on August 12, 2022. Featuring Celso Machado who we had the privilege to perform with this summer as well! All details on the Album can be found at our record label: Leaf-Music

Equation of Time

“The Equation of Time” is the Charke-Cormier Duo’s third album and their second to feature recital programming that spans various genres and styles. Like their first album, Ex Tempore, it showcases their shared aspiration to play music both old and new, original works and arrangements, to explore the stunning timbral combination of flute and guitar. Although both the album and its titular work were planned long before coronavirus became a household name, it is uncanny yet fitting that this recording project took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, an event that has greatly disrupted our sense of time. The Equation of Time exemplifies how truly special art can result when the artists are given the time and space to communicate and create.

Bathymetric Terrains is finished! We’re in the final rehearsals in preparation for the premiere on Sun. Aug 25, 2019 (2pm to 3pm) at the 21st Century Guitar conference in Ottawa. We’ll be presenting the work in Freiman Hall at the University of Ottawa.

Here’s a few pictures of the setup. We’re using DPA microphones for the guitar and two flutes; a MIDI mouse foot pedal to forward events; Max/MSP/Jitter to run the processing and playback of sound files and video; and everything is routed through the MOTU 828 Ultralight audio interface.